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Hazardous Substances Managemant

Don’t allow the invisible chemical killer threaten the Earth & your health

When the economic activities are frequently taking places, the hazardous substances increase as well. A large proportion of the environmental pollution comes from chemical substances, which not only damage the ecology but attack human health as well.

Prevention before damages

Based on beomg environmentally friendly and the concept of sustainable development commitments, BenQ pay close attention to the related researches on the possible chemical hazardous substances of parts or products. If confirmed the substance would cause irreversible hazards on the ecosystem or human health, BenQ would lift a ban on using the substance; if there is no scientific evidence, however, we believe the substance may be harmful. BenQ will also take the precautionary principle to temporarily disable or reduce the use of the substance, and looking for alternatives.

Environment-related substances Management

All BenQ products have to meet Hazardous Substances Guideline (SUP-QM-07-02) which covers EU RoHS Diective and other legal and voluntary restricted substances. In 2009, we managed following items:

  • Hg:to install LED lighting source to replace traditional CCFL and raise the quantities of LED products year by year.
  • As:to adopt arsenic free glass substrate in each product line
  • BFR:to use BFR-free plastics (>25g) in all products
  • PVC: to use PVC-free packaging and mechanical plastic parts in all products
  • Phthalate:to ban specified Phthalates in all products

Hazardous Substances List