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Eco Protection Activities

An acre of farmland arouses the affection of local culture

BenQ has cared for Taiwan for a long time, especially for green public service activities. Since 2008, BenQ has started to adopt rice fields in northern, central and southern Taiwan and in 2010, extended to the eastern Taiwan, which includes 10 villages and more than 8 hectares of paddy area for BenQ staff to experience the toil of farming in spring & the joy of harvest in autumn for reminding them of their affection of local culture.

Plant a million of trees to re-build the lungs for Earth

BenQ not only promotes green public service activities, but also practices green commitments. In January 2011, General Manager of BenQ led more than 4,000 employees and their families to plant 20,000 trees in Central Taiwan Science Park to make this area of 30 hectares a forest, also a green lung in Taichung city; meanwhile, to ease up global warming issue.

So far, BenQ has planted more than 800,000 trees in the neighborhood of our plants around the world! To care the Earth is our goal of green public service activities, and to practice afforestation and carbon reduction is ours responsibility. Please do believe we will continue to do so.