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Green Products Design

Eco-Design Regenerate Eco-Life

BenQ believes that we shouldn’t only focus on waste recycling, but the product design when it comes to the environmental protection. Eco-design from the material choosing can really reduce our impacts on the environment.

Packaging design is a very important part of eco design and we re-evaluated as following from 2009:

.Reducing Packaging Materials
Taking LCD monitor V2400 Eco as an example, we used recycled papers instead of EPS as cushioning and thereby, enhanced the recycling rate of packaging. With slim packaging design, in addition to reducing packaging materials, we saved shipping space and lowered the transportation cost and the environmental impact it may cause.

.Reducing Packaging Volume
For instance, plastic partitions for DSC products are replaced with recycled papers, user manuals are replaced with e-file, and optimized packing is attained by meticulously calculating the size of the packaging and pallets, thereby saving 40% volume in total.

The LCD display products, for example, the screen and then separately with the base package, the total reduction in packaging volume up to 33%.

.Recycled Packaging Materials
All 2009 Eco models embraced recycled boards (>80% recycled content). We plan to extend the use of recycled packaging materials to all models from 2010 and increase the recycled contents for recycled boards to 85%.

.Green Printing
Except for 80% recycled boards, all 2009 Eco models also adopted mono color soy ink printing on gift boxes to save 70% inks and facilitate the recycling of packaging. In 2010, we plan to use more soy ink both in each product’s gift box and spec. sheet.