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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

2010 the first year of BenQ Green Life

All along, BenQ has been aware of the importance of coexistence with nature. When global warming issue becomes increasingly concerned by the world, we make an effort to work on various energy efficiency and carbon reduction plans, hoping to reduce the damage of greenhouse gases on global warming. In order to handle the situation of greenhouse gas emissions more precisely, BenQ started planning to establish the information of greenhouse gas inventory in 2009, and set 2010 as the base year of greenhouse gas inventory.

BenQ Program of Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Not only industrial chimneys cause environmental pollution! In fact, all aspects of industrial operations will produce greenhouse gases. For achieving the first step of the green life environment, BenQ based on the three categories defined by the "Greenhouse Gas Protocol"(GHG Protocol) drawn up by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)and World Resources Institute (WRI), and proceeded to analyze the greenhouse gas and collect the emission data:

  • Category 1: The diesel of emergency generators, official vehicle fuel consumption, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, and air-conditioning, and the value of filling refrigerant of the refrigerators and water dispensers.
  • Category 2: Office electricity usage.
  • Category 3: Energy consumption of the commuting of the employees, business trips and the tenant companies inside BenQ.

BenQ's greenhouse gas inventory project for Category 1 and Category 2 is qualitative and quantitative inventory; For Category 3, we interrogate staff’s business trip by flight first. We will follow the ISO 14064-1 standard to get BenQ headquarters in Taiwan in 2010 basic information on greenhouse gas inventory.