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Life Circle Assessment

Make Eco friendly Choices for the Earth

In the production process, it is from time to time very difficult to decide which material is most environmentally sustainable development regardless of choice of paper or plastic. But there is a method, life cycle assessment. By assessing the impacts of the products on the environment, and compare the degrees of the impacts, we can make eco friendly choices.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is a method of eco design, which takes all the impacts while manufacturing , use, transportation, and disposal or recycling of all-consuming energy resources(such as water, electricity) product and its packaging, such as global warming , ozone depletion, water pollution levels, and the impact on the habitat into consideration. Currently some international standards, like ISO 14040 (Life Cycle Assessment Principles and Framework) and ISO 14044 (Life Cycle Assessment requirements and guidelines) have been published. To identify the items which has more sever environmental impacts to improve the eco design by using LCA.

In 2009, BenQ started to cooperate with key suppliers to complete Life Cycle Inventory of LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital projectors, e-books, digital cameras and other products by the end of 2010 to fully understand the potential environmental impact of every product, especially carbon footprint. With this basic information, BenQ will be available to develop more energy saving and carbon abatement products in 2011.