Eco Labels

Eco Labels- Medals of Honor, Exclusive for Green Products

For helping consumers to choose environmentally friendly products specifically and to promote traders and manufacturers to develop green products, there are currently more than 50 countries to promote the Eco Label system awarded to the products with best environmental protection performance.

Eco Label products represent about 25% of products in the market. BenQ has not only embraced the eco design concepts of energy conservation, carbon abatement, low environmental impact and environment-friendly materials, but applied for eco labels to underscore the compliance of our eco models with the latest requirements for green products.

EPEAT (Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool)

Formed by Green Electronics Council, GEC
Started from 2006
EPEAT(Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool)

EPEAT® is the definitive global registry for greener electronics, covering computers and monitors. With more than 3,200 products from 45 manufacturers registered in 41 countries, EPEAT has rapidly become the most comprehensive green electronics registry in existence. Therefore, U.S. Government regulators now dictate, “At least 95% of the green procurement of the federal government requires EPEAT registry.” on Jan. 24th, 2007. Electronic products that meet the EPEAT standard, contain the materials have less impact on the environment, reduce carbon emissions the, and easier to upgrade or recycle.

Products registered in EPEAT must meet eight major items of rating criteria, which includes 23 required environmental performance criteria. They are then rated Gold, Silver or Bronze based on the percentage of 28 optional criteria they meet.

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