Green Package

Achieve a valuable things with a simple act

There are many practical ways to put eco concept into action, the most important one is to do simple things. Simple things are simple and meaningful! In fact, as long as you pay more attention on the daily work and life, you may find new methods of environmental protection. For example, the liquid crystal display team fully showed their ingenuity and creativity to change the packaging first; thereby, BenQ LCD monitors become more environmental friendly green products, and even stand out among 200 pieces of work to win Environmental Protection Green Package Design Awards, 2011.








Concept of Slim Package

BenQ green packaging concept is actually the concept of a subtraction, that is, to remove unnecessary decoration and procedures, to simplify the complexity. For example, we use dismantled & recyclable paper materials and EPE as cushion instead of EPS, and replace plastic handles with hand holes, and simplify printing by adopted mono color of soy ink to save 70% inks; thereby, 53% packaging materials are reduced, and loading capacity increased by 10% . To strike the balance that between environmental protection and the cost of doing business, but also introduce the environmental health BenQ LCD monitors into families.