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Improving Energy Efficiency

Provide more efficient energy

Environmental impact caused by global warming increases each day. Reducing carbon and protecting the earth must take action immediately and enthusiastically. As an international brand manufacturer, BenQ not only hopes to implant eco-concept in the products, but also expects to inspire the world tremendously.

Most electronic products cause the impacts on the environment, and energy consumption usuage occupies the largest proportion. Through technological innovation, BenQ adhere to using power supply with high-efficiency, and setting the goal of energy efficiency while developing products to reduce carbon emissions. Through energy efficient products, we provide consumers better ways to save more energy and reduce carbon emissions, so that everyone can easily do their part to protect the Earth.

Take the monitor for example, to reduce 10% of energy consumption annually has been the goal of BenQ's product design. We were the industry's first to use LED panel of high efficiency and low energy consumption, to design backlight module with Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor to adjust power consumption according to different situations to save the energy. We expect to save at least 30% of energy consumption of the monitor products by 2015.