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General Manager

Everlasting Responsibility and Steadfast Commitment

Since its inception, BenQ has embraced "Bring Enjoyment and Quality to Life" as its corporate vision. BenQ is aspired to realize the ideal of helping people to enjoy the pleasure brought by science and technology via the provision of our branded quality products and services.

We are fully aware that the in addition to the pursuit of profits and growth, the most important significance for the formation of any enterprise is to fulfill its social responsibility by creating unique values. These values can last for a long time, transcend time and space, and produce positive influence on society and people.

BenQ has consistently made an effort in the two major tasks of environmental protection and talent cultivation. We have resorted to various channels to promote the concepts of energy conservation, environmental protection, and preservation of resources and have strived to materialize the concepts in our daily life and works via institutionalized requirement and dedicated monitoring.

We adhere to our rigorous demands in every step of our operation, from product design, R&D, supplier selection and management, to materials, manufacturing, and customer service. We meet stringent international quality and management standards and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) of the European Union. We have also passed ISO 9001 for the certification of quality management, ISO 14001 pertaining to environmental management, and SA 8000 regarding social responsibility, which testify to our dedication to corporate social responsibility.


BenQ LCD TV and LCD Monitor have obtained the carbon footprint-certification of PAS 2050 by the British Standards Institution (BSI) of the U.K., an achievement which leads other Taiwanese 3C manufacturers and underscores the company’s commitment to the realization of a low-carbon society. Also, BenQ was awarded the champion in the A industry and commerce category of the “Taipei City Golden Energy Conservation Award 2009” by the Taipei City Government - an acknowledgement of the company’s remarkable achievement in pushing energy conservation and carbon reduction over the past two years.

BenQ’s employees are our most cherished asset. In addition to the provision of a safe and comfortable working environment for our staff, we are also attentive to their physical and mental health. Our initiatives towards a positive working environment meant being OHSAS 18001-certified, in relation to vocational safety and hygiene management. We have also won the affirmation of Taipei City Excellence Award 2005 for promoting healthy working environment and Taipei City Piloting Award 2007 for promoting healthy working environment. We have been assisting our staff in achieving personal growth in expertise and spirit by offering various lectures, courses, and events.

As a company brand with international presence, BenQ recruits excellent talents from different nationalities and cultures. The cross-culture communication and exchanges have broadened our vision and enhanced our understanding of the world. We expect that every staff can find a platform in the company to demonstrate their talent and play the role of a leader in spreading our steadfast value of integrity and having a positive effect on society. BenQ is a brand of both technology and humanity. Along with our effort to closely follow the pulse of times and pursue technological innovation, we also believe that the sustainable development of life is rooted in land, nature, humanity, and emotion. Through our products and services, as well as personal commitment from our staff, we wish to leave a favorable imprint on society and the environment so that we can create better living standards for the future generations today.